Flying Fish GastroBar

Comfort - Quality - Community

The Best Restaurant In The Bahamas is rebranding! Focusing on quality food and drink in a comfortable atmosphere and a desire to service the community. 

Flying Fish GastroBar is the casual neighborhood eatery you've been dreaming about in Grand Bahama.


With unmatched service & attention to detail, Flying Fish offers a blend of traditional & modernist cuisine techniques not used anywhere else in the Bahamas. Focusing on local seafood & indigenous ingredients prepared with the utmost skill & creativity. Flying Fish boasts the Bahamas only female Certified Sommelier, Rebecca Tibbitts.  Chef Tim Tibbitts is named in the Top 25 Chefs for 2014 in the Caribbean by Caribbean Journal. The restaurant has also been named one of the Top 10 in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor, is Fodor's recommended for Grand Bahama Island and has been awarded 4 Diamond rating by AAA-The first restaurant in Grand Bahama history to achieve this honour.. The Caribbean's finest waterside dining..



Chef Tim Tibbitts was born in Nassau, Bahamas and grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.  His interest in food goes well back into his childhood.  The ethnic diversity of Toronto has always played a large part in his style having spent so much of his youth in the ethnic communities of one of the most multicultural cities in the world.  His passion for Asian flavors stems from this time and was a major factor in starting his apprenticeship in the early 90's. 

Tim enrolled in the Canadian Apprenticeship Program at Toronto's famed George Brown College, School of Culinary Arts.  There he learned the basics of classic European cuisine, which he applied first under his mentor Roger Genoe.  It was during this time that Tim developed his respect for great ingredients and technique that is still the hallmark of his style.  It was the same restaurant where he met his wife and business partner, Sommelier Rebecca Tibbitts.

After many years of working through the ranks of small high-end kitchens in the Toronto area, Tim along with Rebecca, decided to make a move back to the Bahamas.  After successfully opening and running a modern Asian restaurant and sushi bar, Tim decided it was time to start working for himself.

 Starting with the creation of his company 99/1 Food Services Management in 2009, Tim has created a brand throughout the Bahamas.  In February of 2012 Tim realized a dream by opening his own restaurant, Flying Fish, in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Flying Fish is the only restaurant in the Bahamas using modernist techniques to explore the flavors of the Caribbean.  Local products used in various ways exploring all the ethnic influences of Chef Tim from around the world entertain diners every night.  His commitment to quality and sustainability of the products are paramount at Flying Fish.  It is a dining experience like no other in the Bahamas.

 Chef Tim was named one of the Top 25 Chefs in the Caribbean for 2014 by Caribbean Journal magazine.  Flying Fish was named the #2 restaurant in TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Restaurants of The Caribbean.  Flying Fish was also awarded a 4 Diamond Rating this year by AAA making it only the third restaurant in Bahamian history to achieve this honor and the first in the history of Grand Bahama island.  There are less than 30 restaurants in the entire Caribbean with this honor.

 Currently Tim is also a staff writer for the Freeport News with his column "Food For Thought" printed twice weekly.  He is also a contributing writer for Bob Izumi's Real Fishing magazine in Canada as a guest chef, and is currently in production locally of his first TV series titled “Caught in Paradise”, that shows viewers a glimpse into the life of a top chef.  He is also in development of two other new shows with Canadian TV production company, RTR Media, about the food industry in the Caribbean.


Rebecca Tibbitts started her visions for her future when she was six years old.  Her challenge was to create the ultimate place setting from magazine picture cut outs.  Her finished submission won first place for all Girl Guides across Canada.  Her fate was sealed.


At 16 years old Rebecca started her career at a seaside bistro.  That time was the beginning of her journey into building her service style that has become her trademark.  For more than half her life she has lived in the restaurant industry and it shows in her expertise on the floor.


Rebecca graduated from the University of Guelph in Canada with a Bachelor's degree in Criminology, but having spent so much of her life working in a restaurant, she decided food and beverage was the direction in which she should stay.  With each position and each restaurant Rebecca built her arsenal of service.


Inspired by learning, training and development courses the International Sommelier Guild seemed the natural next step for Rebecca.  With that, she delved into a new and exciting sector of the food and beverage industry.  Years of training and tasting have made Rebecca’s wine pairings an integral part of her service.


The move to the Bahamas from the Toronto area started with the opening of East- Fine Asian Cuisine in Freeport. Rebecca and her husband were the creative force behind the success of the restaurant for 2 years until they decided to begin their own adventure with 99/1 Food Service Management.


In February of 2012, Rebecca realized her lifelong dream of opening her own restaurant with the launch of Flying Fish with her husband, award winning Chef Tim Tibbitts.  Flying Fish has been awarded 4 Diamonds by AAA, largely based on the exquisite service Rebecca has implemented. 

Rebecca is the only certified sommelier in Grand Bahama and the only female certified sommelier in the Bahamas.  Her ability to perfectly and creatively pair to Chef Tim's food makes the wine pairing options at Flying Fish second to none.  Her theoretical knowledge of wines and wine making have allowed her to truly engage and educate her guests. 


Her great pleasure is to walk the floor and teach the intricate stories of the wines and winemakers to her guests, giving each guest the extra touches that make their experience special and unique.  It is a huge reason for Flying Fish’s success.  


Chef De Cuisine Chrishelle Brown has been at the helm of the Flying Fish Kitchen since May of 2016. She is a confident leader and well respected by both her colleagues and the guests. Her ability to perform every day under the mosts stressful of circumstances without showing the strain is her strongest attribute and the biggest reason for her head role in the kitchen. Her skills on the stove are exceptional but her real skills lie in the pastry section where a number of Flying Fish signature desserts have had her stamp placed on them. She is an indispensable part of the Flying Fish team.


Front of House Manager Cornelius Handfield was the first person to be hired to work alongside Rebecca upon their arrival to the Bahamas in 2007.  Cornelius has spent his whole working life in a restaurant- working from dishwasher to busboy to head waiter.  Accompanying Rebecca, he is heavily involved in the Flying Fish wine program.  Cornelius upholds the Flying Fish standards of service while organizing daily food service routines.    Cornelius  always meets guests and colleagues with a professional poise and friendliness.