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The Best Restaurant In The Bahamas is rebranding! Focusing on quality food and drink in a comfortable atmosphere and a desire to service the community. 

Flying Fish GastroBar is the casual neighborhood eatery you've been dreaming about in Grand Bahama.


Personal Ramblings Of The Chef...

As we approach the end of another year we always like to take stock on what we have accomplished in the previous year and whether we have improved over the same time.  2015 was a good year for us at Flying Fish.  From a business standpoint it was our best year since opening and will hopefully finally start seeing returns on the investments.  Professionally, it was also a good year for us as we were able to do much more travelling than we've done in years past including big trips to Spain, Haiti and our 2 week working cruise of the Caribbean.  We have been very fortunate to have seen a great many things and experienced more life changing moments this year than in any year before this as well.  

The restaurant is starting to really garner a great reputation internationally.  We see it when we travel.  People know who we are and what we do much more than ever before and we seem to have made good strides in solidifying the reputation of quality throughout the region.  Because of that we moved up one spot in the Top 50 Restaurants of the Caribbean list to #8 from #9 in the year previous.  

We also were awarded our most precious award, the AAA 4 Diamond award for the second straight year.  That one is very special to us.  It is very difficult to be presented with that award as many of my chef friends can attest.  It is exceptionally hard to do it twice in a row.  The pressure to maintain is very difficult on everyone.  All the while, we know that awards and acknowledgement do not pay the bills.  So we tread a tightrope of creativity with commercial viability in a difficult market.  

We have been fortunate to have been able to survive our first three years, now well into our 4th, by being flexible on the presentation but remaining true to the core values and creativity that allows us to be recognized by the rest of the world.  

None of this is possible alone.

We have such a wonderful group of people who treat Flying Fish as if it were their own.  Who keep everything rolling along smoothly, even when we aren't here, allowing us to travel and gain more exposure and more experiences to draw inspirations from.  Without our core group of senior staff stepping up to do the job, it would not be possible.

That being said, i like being in my kitchen.  We have had so many opportunities to talk about expansion, and there are many concepts that I would love to try my hand at.  But right now I think I am most content in making this place the best place to be.  We will work diligently over the next year to make Flying Fish the best restaurant in the Caribbean and hopefully we will attain our dream of being in the Top 50 in the world.  

We are looking at Grand Bahama closely to see what's coming down the pipeline.  We will be doing some infrastructure changes next year, hopefully the biggest is a new kitchen....But we shall see what the New Year brings.  It will also have me renewed in my goal to finish a book of Flying Fish food and my personal ramblings.  It is important to us the we continue to improve every day.  Just a little bit better than the day before.  

Thank you for your support and patronage.  Without it we wouldn't be here.  I was everyone the Happiest and Most Joyous of Holiday Seasons and the very best for the New Year.