Flying Fish GastroBar

Comfort - Quality - Community

The Best Restaurant In The Bahamas is rebranding! Focusing on quality food and drink in a comfortable atmosphere and a desire to service the community. 

Flying Fish GastroBar is the casual neighborhood eatery you've been dreaming about in Grand Bahama.


Values, Practices and Philosophy 

From the Chef:
 Flying Fish has rebranded into Flying Fish GastroBar. Our focus is on Comfort, Quality and Community. We accomplished much as Flying Fish and proved that a small all Bahamian restaurant could become one of the best in the world. Now it's time for a change. Our quality remains the same, from the products we choose to the level of service, to the amazing wine list, it's all quality driven. This time however, we have simplified the preparations, and reduced the workload of the kitchen tremendously, allowing us to lower our prices and become more of a weekly visit or multiple times a week rather than the few times a year it was before.  We have completely refinished the restaurant with an all new casual interior, new roof, new windows, new AC for the hot Bahamian summers and a new vibe of inclusion. We hope to see you often.

The caliber of work we did with our former catering service was elevated even further when we opened Flying Fish in 2012.   I designed the entire restaurant and almost everything in it by myself.  I custom designed the cutlery and had it made in England.   We feature Austrian Riedel stemware to show our dedication to wine.  For us, it’s about using these unique utensils to create a detailed experience.  Don’t even get me started on the food.
We believe in surrounding ourselves with people who strive to make themselves better with education, which is why all of our staff have gone through varying levels of culinary school. That’s also why they are paid a living wage. They work hard and are loyal because we try our best to look out for them. I have watched employees grow from living on friends' and family's couches and floors to signing letters for their first apartments. We are making a difference in their lives and they are contributing every day in a positive way to our community and our economy.
Since the inception of Flying Fish, my goal was to create a place that had quality and luxury never before attempted on Grand Bahama. Many people said we should do it in Nassau; that's where all the people are.  As Freeport locals, we consider having our business located here to be part of our commitment to making this island town a better community.
Our staff is 100% Bahamian. There are no work permits at Flying Fish.
Sustainability Practices:
We make our own bottled water on site with our reverse osmosis nano filtration machine. It serves both sparkling and still water, and we bottle it in recyclable glass bottles. It saves us between 5-10 bags of garbage in plastic bottles per week. I think it's one of the biggest things we do to make an environmental impact.
We installed our own laundry on site to make sure we could use real towels in the bathrooms instead of wasting paper towels.
Flying Fish only serves sustainable seafood, fresh not frozen, only in season. This is a big thing for us. We live on an island and the ocean is what sustains many people here. Mismanagement of the ocean will destroy the Bahamian economy and way of life.
Our meats are all small farm-raised, no antibiotics or growth hormones. Humanely slaughtered. Never in factory processing plants like IBP. My beef is from Creekstone Farms, a fantastic product with exceptional flavor and texture. The pork belly is Berkshire; one of the greatest breeds in the pork world. The bacon for our BLT sandwich is cured and smoked in house using the same amazing pork. The burger that has become legendary is ground in house using the same Creekstone Beef. Short ribs, Top sirloin and chuck are all ground by myself using no eggs, breadcrumbs or other fillers.
Our staff only uses real cups for their drinks. Disposables are not allowed.
Flying Fish does not provide service. We provide hospitality because it’s our home. When you visit, you are my personal guest and I hope for you to feel like you were treated that way. Our food sometimes can be difficult for people to understand, and we acknowledge that. Our staff is trained to make you feel at ease with your selections.
Our service staff must learn our 129 cardinal rules of service. They are tested on the menu, techniques and wine list every week. If they fail the test they are not allowed to take a table. We encourage our staff to take pride in their job and that it is a "we" operation run by teamwork.
Rebecca is the only certified sommelier on Grand Bahama Island and the only female sommelier in the Bahamas.
Our wine list is 75% under the $60 price point for amazing wines carefully chosen for their quality and value.
Flying Fish has the largest wine list in Grand Bahama and keeps growing with labels added every week.

We are our own importer with our sister company Sea Gate Wines. We are the largest importer of both Spanish and Austrian wines. Our house Sea Gate Gruner Veltliner, Roter Veltliner and Roter Muskateller our from our own label, made by a 5th generation Austrian winemaker in Wagram, just outside of Vienna.
More Info:
We serve non-seafood items too. On the menu we have beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian and seafood too.
Everything is made from scratch every day. Nothing comes from a can, a packet or a box.
We have changed our menu to accommodate many different eating styles. If you want a fancy dinner, just a burger, or to sample authentic tapas from the Iberian peninsula we can accommodate you.
Final Notes:
Hopefully you will help us spread our word. We need the help of our supporters to share this philosophy throughout the community and the world. Please take the time to share this with anyone you think might be interested.
If you have any questions or concerns about the menu, please email me at, and I would be happy to walk you through the menu or answer any questions you may have.
Hope to see you all soon.
Chef Tim Tibbitts